Layers of the Stratosphere?

Answer Scientists divide the Earth's atmosphere into four layers, based upon temperature and composition. The stratosphere is the second of these layers. There is little difference within the stratosphere... Read More »

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Facts on Stratosphere Layers?

The atmosphere extends some 600 km (373 miles) from the surface of the earth. It is divided into five main layers, then further into intermediates between each layer. The stratosphere is the second... Read More »

What is the stratosphere?

The stratosphere is the second layer of the atmosphere as one moves away from the Earth. It lies between the troposphere and the mesosphere. The stratosphere begins about 8 miles above the Earth's ... Read More »

Is Mt. Everest in the stratosphere?

Mt. Everest peaks at 29,035 feet. It does touch the stratosphere. In fact, Mt. Everest is so high that it's in the jet stream, which can hammer the mountain with winds approaching 180 miles per hou... Read More »

Where does the stratosphere start?

The stratosphere begins at the tropopause, which forms the boundary between the troposphere, or the lower atmosphere, and the stratosphere. The height of the tropopause varies from only four miles ... Read More »