Laws on Used Car Dealerships in Oklahoma?

Answer The Oklahoma Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission makes and enforces rules for used car dealers in the state. In addition, the commission has the power to license and inspect used motor vehicle ... Read More »

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Arizona Car Dealerships Laws?

Arizona has a range of laws governing businesses and commercial enterprises, including car dealerships. This state's laws have specific requirements for all dealerships and people employed as car d... Read More »

Tow Truck Laws in Oklahoma?

The laws governing tow trucks and wrecker businesses vary from state to state, and some have more extensive statutes and rules than others. Oklahoma's Department of Public Safety (ODPS) website off... Read More »

Oklahoma Laws on Custody of a Child?

Child custody in Oklahoma centers around what is best for the child. State laws do not favor one parent over another in making the decision about which parent should be granted physical custody of ... Read More »

How to Find Laws for Divorce in Oklahoma?

Divorce falls under the area of law known as family law. Family law falls under the purview of the state, meaning that the laws regarding divorces will vary from state to state. In Oklahoma, divorc... Read More »