Laws on North Carolina Child Support?

Answer North Carolina's child support guidelines are based on the "income shares" model, which was developed under the Child Support Guidelines Project. This is the concept that child support is a share o... Read More »

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North Carolina Modification of Child Support Laws?

The state of North Carolina determines child support through a calculation that is based upon several factors. Child support is often ordered through the courts to protect the financial interest of... Read More »

North Carolina Laws on Paying Child Support?

When a couple with children splits, the state of North Carolina mandates that the non-custodial parent, the parent who does not live with and care for the child, pay child support. Child care is pa... Read More »

Do you still have to pay child support in North Carolina if a child drops out or is failing?

You'll need to take it through the courts so that you do not become delinquent in payments. This is your child, and you should also make extra effort to get the child back to school or to pass a GE... Read More »

How to Reduce Your Child Support in North Carolina?

North Carolina courts set child support based upon the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines, which take into account the incomes of both parents along with medical insurance costs, daycare costs... Read More »