Laws on Legal Contracts & Mental Impairment?

Answer When a person lacks the mental capacity to contract, any contract that person plays party to would be voidable with impunity. When a person is mentally impaired, that person usually does not make t... Read More »

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How much permanent impairment needed on each shoulder to reach 15 percent whole person impairment?

It could not be determined whether the form you're looking for is issued by private companies or public health or disability departments/agencies, so you'll first need to check who is authorized to... Read More »

Legal Terms for Contracts?

The specific terms of a contract will vary from one agreement to the next. However, many contracts have similar components. Contracts are not required to have the following sections, but many wil... Read More »

Are all promises legal contracts?

Promise theory in the common law dictates that when people voluntarily make promises those promises create a moral and legal obligation upon which someone can rely to their detriment. Therefore, a ... Read More »

Legal Music Contracts?

Whether you are recording an album or performing in a wedding band, a legal music contract is an important part of protecting your art. Legally binding, a contract can be used to cover everything f... Read More »