Laws on Butterfly Knifes in Colorado?

Answer Butterfly knives originated in the Philippines. Originally called a "balisong," the word means "a folding knife with two handles that counter-rotate around the tang." While each state varies in its... Read More »

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Bathroom Laws in Colorado?

Although bathrooms are not often regarded as complex places, there are many laws that govern the building and use of these private spaces. Bathrooms in Colorado must follow certain code requirement... Read More »

Colorado Rent Laws?

Colorado has laws designed to ensure that transactions and agreements between tenants and landlords are fair to both parties. The state considers the management of rental issues and landlord and te... Read More »

Colorado Bad Check Laws?

Writing a bad check in Colorado is a civil offense as well as a criminal one. Payees on a check that is returned for insufficient funds must follow the process outlined in the Colorado civil code t... Read More »

Colorado Stun Gun Laws?

While stun guns are not classified as a true firearm in Colorado, they still can be dangerous in untrained or irresponsible hands. A stun gun is defined as any device that temporarily immobilizes ... Read More »