Laws on Burglary in Alabama?

Answer Burglary occurs when a person knowingly and intentionally enters a structure with the intent to commit a crime. All state statues have differing degrees of burglary, and Alabama is no exception. Of... Read More »

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The Differences Between First Degree Burglary and Burglary?

There are three different degrees of burglary. While it would seem that first degree burglary would be less serious than third degree burglary, this is not true. In fact, first degree burglary is t... Read More »

Laws on Returning a New Car in Alabama?

Buying a new car is a big decision. A new car is often the second largest purchase (after a house) that a person will make in a lifetime. Sometimes, when a person buys a car without doing enough re... Read More »

Criminal Laws of Alabama?

The Alabama Criminal Code provides specific legislation to define crimes, detail penalties and spell out procedures (see References 2). The Code explains offenses, elaborates punishments and ensure... Read More »

Alabama Car Title Laws?

Alabama requires vehicles made from 1975 to the present to have an Alabama certificate of title. In Alabama law, the definition of a vehicle includes every automobile, motorcycle, truck, trailer an... Read More »