Laws for Owning an Exotic Animal?

Answer There are many laws regarding buying or owning an exotic animal as a pet. Most of these laws are state laws, meaning that even bordering states can have very different laws regarding the same exoti... Read More »

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Kansas Exotic Animal Pet Laws?

Exotic animals are animals that are not native to or do not migrate through the area in which they are kept. This does not necessarily mean that the animal is not from the country or that it is an ... Read More »

Grants for Exotic Animal Rescues?

Exotic animals who face extinction or injury are in need of rescue all over the country. Organizations, schools and museums take on animal rescue projects for a particular region or type of animal.... Read More »

Exotic Pet Laws in Arizona?

Exotic pets seem like a great idea if you are a person with a lot of unique interests or a unique personality. Sure, anyone can have a hamster, but the kiddie pool in your back yard is teeming wit... Read More »

Exotic Pet Laws in Virginia?

Exotic pets have always captured the attention of Americans. However, it is important to note that exotic pets, while they may seem like a great idea, are often the most likely to be abandoned and ... Read More »