Laws Concerning Unethical Business Practices & Breaches in Contracts?

Answer There's a range of federal and states laws aiming to protect both customers and employees of different organizations and companies. Laws on unethical business practices strictly prohibit companies ... Read More »

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Laws on Legal Contracts & Mental Impairment?

When a person lacks the mental capacity to contract, any contract that person plays party to would be voidable with impunity. When a person is mentally impaired, that person usually does not make t... Read More »

Different Types of Business Contracts?

There are many different forms of business contracts used to execute business transactions, such as marketing and licensing agreements and transactions that involve selling or using products or ser... Read More »

How to Improve Contracts for Business Integration?

A company that owns one or more businesses in the supply chain or owns businesses with similar products or services is doing what is termed "business integration." The first example is vertical int... Read More »

Labor Relations Laws & Practices in North Carolina?

North Carolina establishes several labor policies, both for protection of the employee and to clarify what employers must provide. Residents who are up-to-date on North Carolina's labor laws can m... Read More »