Laws Against Tampering With O2 Sensors?

Answer Tampering with a vehicle's O2 sensor (otherwise known as oxygen or lambda sensor) in any way that alters its operation and can limit its ability to help control the vehicle's emissions, and thus is... Read More »

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How Do I Find a Lawyer to File a Lawsuit Against a Correctional Facility for Tampering With My Mail?

Prisoners in correctional facilities, such as jails and prisons, have a right to send personal correspondence and receive certain types of mail. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a 1974 case "Procuni... Read More »

Laws Regarding Odometer Tampering?

An odometer records the total number of miles drivers have driven a car. Tampering with an odometer means using physical or electronic methods to make the odometer present a number that is lower th... Read More »

Laws Against Leaving the State With a Child in Indiana?

If you are an Indiana resident and the custodial parent of the child, and you desire to move to another state, you cannot simply get up and go; if you do, you could be charged with "interference wi... Read More »

Is there laws against adopted minors communicating with birth parents?

The law that says you are a minor and your parents decides over you. There are open adoptions so if the parents agree with each other when the adoption take place the child and birth parents can st... Read More »