Laws Against Tampering With O2 Sensors?

Answer Tampering with a vehicle's O2 sensor (otherwise known as oxygen or lambda sensor) in any way that alters its operation and can limit its ability to help control the vehicle's emissions, and thus is... Read More »

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Laws Regarding Odometer Tampering?

An odometer records the total number of miles drivers have driven a car. Tampering with an odometer means using physical or electronic methods to make the odometer present a number that is lower th... Read More »

Can anybody tell me that CCD sensors take better picture in digital photography or CMOS sensors ?

All other factors being equal, CCD is better by far - but all other things are seldom equal. CMOS is easier and less expensive to manufacture and so has had far more development in recent times. CM... Read More »

Y&R-Was Micheal tampering with evidences?

Yes they were but I do not think it was "tampering". Michael found it and picked it up before he knew it was Daisey's scarf.

Is opening a mailbox mail tampering?

Yes, if the mail does not belong to you, then it is mail tampering. According to the United States Postal Inspection Service, tampering can lead to a mail theft complaint. Outright theft, vandalism... Read More »