Laws About School Lunches?

Answer The National School Lunch Program (NSLP), which was established in 1946 under the Truman Administration, is a federally subsidized program that offers low-priced or free lunches to millions of chil... Read More »

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Labor Laws for Michigan Regarding Breaks & Lunches?

Michigan labor law is constructed as a mirror of federal regulations regarding meal breaks for workers across the state. The state also has its own laws in place to protect workers from employers t... Read More »

Laws About High School Diplomas?

The receipt of a high school diploma during the graduation ceremony is a rite of passage, a term coined by ethnographer Arnold van Gennep in 1909. Diplomas were originally made of sheepskin, rolled... Read More »

Laws About Where Your Child Can Go to School?

Regular school attendance is vital to the future of a child and is meant to provide access to education, the development of social skills and extra-curricular activities. Federal and state laws hel... Read More »

Are school lunches unhealthy for you?

Depends, do you live in a 3rd world location where they still feed their kids junk food, yet still somehow expect them to be alert enough in the afternoon to learn? If so, then yes.If you live som... Read More »