Laws About One of Your Trees Falling on a Neighbor's House?

Answer Trees can pose a great deal of danger to people and their property. If a homeowner has a tree in his yard that poses a danger to his neighbor's house, he may need to take action to diffuse the thre... Read More »

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Name a Color you hope your Neighbors NEVER Paint their House?

Wondering about that weird falling sensation when your about to go sleep. what is it?

I've started getting that too recently.According to the below website it is to do with twitching as you fall asleep, something called a Hypnic jerk. But they're not sure why.Well read the below art... Read More »

How to Survive a Tree Falling on Your House?

Trees falling on houses causes great damage to property and lifeTrees usually fall by snowstorms, floods, hurricanes and hailstorms. Be prepared for this. There have been many cases about this prob... Read More »

How can you kep your gallon and three gallon potted trees from falling over in your nursery?

Answer Tie the trees to a dawl larger then the base of the tree insert the dawl three or four inches in the dirt