Lawn Seed Fertilizer?

Answer Starting a new lawn requires special care to make sure that lawn seeds sprout vigorously and that strong roots are formed. Careful preparation of the soil, addition of soil amendments to aid draina... Read More »

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Can I Put Fertilizer on My Lawn If I Have a Dog?

Exposure to chemical fertilizers can be harmful to dogs, but dog lovers don't have to choose between their dogs and their lawns. By taking special care when using fertilizers, they can keep their l... Read More »

How much fertilizer to put on a lawn in Montana?

On One Hand: Soil testing is necessaryThe Montana State University Extension Service recommends testing soil before fertilizing to determine the appropriate mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassiu... Read More »

How do i compare lawn fertilizer?

Examine the three numbers listed on the fertilizer bags. These numbers refer to the percent by weight of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Look for a fertilizer that has a nutrient ratio of 3:1:2... Read More »

Lawn Fertilizer Programs?

Grass uses up soil nutrients as it grows, especially nitrogen. To keep a lawn growing well, a gardener needs a lawn fertilizer program that returns nutrients to the soil for growing grass to use. M... Read More »