Lawn Moths?

Answer The small, light-colored moths that seem to fly right out of the ground and escort the lawn mower may actually indicate a larger problem lurking just below the soil's surface. The sod webworm moth ... Read More »

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How to Detect Lawn Moths?

Lawn moths are brownish or whitish with a snoutlike appendage on their heads. They cling to blades of grass in a lawn and wrap their wings closely around their bodies. If disturbed, they fly short ... Read More »

Our lawn has not been cut for weeks because of the drought & it now needs it so WHO likes mowing the lawn?

i'll do it - if i can take my shirt offi don't suppose you are looking for a live in gardener?

How often should you apply Scotts Lawn Pro nonphosphorous lawn food?

Apply Scotts Lawn Pro nonphosphorous lawn food three times yearly, in early spring, late spring and early fall. It can be applied on all turf grasses, wet or dry. Apply it during calm weather at an... Read More »

If I raise my wheels on my lawn mower to the highest it can go, will it make my lawn nice and lush?

Mowing height depends on the type of grass. The rule of thumb is to set your mower blade to the correct height for your type of grass and never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade. That generall... Read More »