Lawn Grass That Grows in Shady Areas?

Answer Growing lawns in shade is one of the major challenges faced by gardeners. Grass that grows in shade tends to be weak and thin. The lack of sunlight also makes the grass growing in shade more suscep... Read More »

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How to Grow Grass in Shady Areas?

Generally speaking, grass grows greener and healthier when it receives plenty of sunlight. Continual shade reduces the amount of photosynthesis available to grasses and often stunts their growth or... Read More »

The Best Grass for Shady Areas in Florida?

Florida lawns require warm-season grasses that grow best in tropical or subtropical climates. For a shady Florida lawn, choose shade-tolerant grasses suited for the Southern section of the U.S. ... Read More »

Grass Seed That Grows in the Shade?

Not very many grass types thrive in shady locations. In fact, if the shady area receives less that four hours of sunlight daily, it will not support grass growth, according to Clemson University. H... Read More »

Flowers for Shady Areas?

Find opportunities to introduce color into the shady areas of your garden by adding plants that will blossom in bright or subdued colors. Increase visual interest by selecting plants that will brin... Read More »