Law Questions

Why do people hurt younger people including their younger relatives?
What should one do if your friend is verbally abused by her stepfather?
What can aunts and grandparents do if they are aware of physical and mental abuse but the abuser is such a good liar that she has DYFS and police fooled?
Can your 16-year-old girlfriend live with you and your parents if she gets emancipated because she has abusive parents?
What should you do if you were sexually abused and you can't tell your mom and you're 11?
Did Hitler's father rape him?
How should a child deal with a parent they consider verbally abusive?
How many years can you get in jail for child abuse?
Is there a way you can have your wife removed from the house for verbal abuse towards your children if you do not live there and cannot stand to see what is happening to them?
What if you are 15 you told your school counselor you are physically and mentally abused by your father but nothing was done?
Is child abuse increasing or decreasing?
What do you do when your mother dislikes you and her boyfriend is abusive but they won't let you leave?
Does the belt hurt and is the buckle much worse?
If a 13-year-old child was being physically and mentally abused by a parent is there a way they could go live with a relative before the age of 18 in Michigan?
What are the next steps a mother should take if she found out that the school counselor called CPS on her ex-husband for child abuse?