Law Schools With LLM Programs?

Answer Many law schools in the United States provide Master of Law degrees, known as LLMs, in addition to their Juris Doctor degrees. These programs are largely designed to give lawyers who already hold a... Read More »

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Schools With PhD Programs?

The Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is a terminal degree in many fields of liberal arts and natural sciences. It represents the pinnacle of academic achievement. Most universities are, by their ver... Read More »

How to Remove Art Programs From Schools?

When school budgets shrink and cuts need to be made, school art programs tend to be the first on the chopping block. Unlike traditional academic classes, art programs are not seen as necessary for ... Read More »

Why Should Schools Fund Art Programs?

Many public school districts are struggling to help students meet proficiency requirements in literacy and math on tight budgets. Some school districts have cut funding for art programs to meet bud... Read More »

Master's Programs in US Schools?

A master's program is an advanced graduate program allowing an individual to further study a specific field and demonstrate a form of mastery on the subject. In the United States, master's programs... Read More »