Law School Loan Forgiveness Programs?

Answer Students who have taken educational loans to pay for law school may need help with repayment, especially if they choose to work for non-profit organizations or public-interest employers after gradu... Read More »

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What is a "loan forgiveness" option for a student loan Where would one find the details in writing?

Yes, it's true but there are a lot of hoops to jump through. The details can be found here :…Basically, you have to work in a public service job for 120 ... Read More »

How to Apply for Loan Forgiveness?

Literacy rates over the world (Click to enlarge picture)You have gone to school, you got a few student loans, and now the job market isn't what you thought it would be. Well, there are certain thin... Read More »

Loan Forgiveness Program - Is it too late?

Obama's loan forgiveness program for people with public service jobs is only available for loans made after Oct 1, 2007 and only AFTER that person has made 120 payments. (10 years after they start ... Read More »

What was President Obama's proposal of forgiveness for school loans?

In his January 2010 State of the Union Address, President Obama proposed that federal student loan payments be limited to 10 percent of the individual's income and creditors forgive the entirety of... Read More »