Laundry Tips for Rusty Water & Whites?

Answer Rust can enter home water supplies in a couple of different ways. It may be dissolved naturally by groundwater in iron-rich soils or it may build up on the inside of water tanks or pipes. Either wa... Read More »

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Can You Dry Whites & Colors in the Laundry?

Separating whites and colors when you do laundry helps to prevent color transfer -- dye from colors getting on whites and lighter colors. Sometimes, you may want to dry only a few things. Although ... Read More »

How do i get whites whiter in the laundry?

Separate Whites from ColorsSeparate the whites from the colors to ensure the non-white clothing does not bleed into your whites.Less Detergent, More HeatUse less detergent, as excess detergent resi... Read More »

Can I put colors and whites together in the laundry?

When I was young and single I could,nt afford separate washes so I did thisAny pale or light colours I washed with the whites on warmAny darker bright colours I washed with darker clothes on coldNe... Read More »

Can you mix whites and light colors or blue in the laundry?

You can, but it's not recommended. Most colored clothing 'bleeds' onto lighter colored clothes. It's best to keep white and light colored clothing separated and washed separately.