Laundry Tips for Rusty Water & Whites?

Answer Rust can enter home water supplies in a couple of different ways. It may be dissolved naturally by groundwater in iron-rich soils or it may build up on the inside of water tanks or pipes. Either wa... Read More »

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Can You Dry Whites & Colors in the Laundry?

Separating whites and colors when you do laundry helps to prevent color transfer -- dye from colors getting on whites and lighter colors. Sometimes, you may want to dry only a few things. Although ... Read More »

Can I put colors and whites together in the laundry?

When I was young and single I could,nt afford separate washes so I did thisAny pale or light colours I washed with the whites on warmAny darker bright colours I washed with darker clothes on coldNe... Read More »

How do i get whites whiter in the laundry?

Separate Whites from ColorsSeparate the whites from the colors to ensure the non-white clothing does not bleed into your whites.Less Detergent, More HeatUse less detergent, as excess detergent resi... Read More »

Do I REALLY have to separate my "whites" and "darks" when I do laundry?

yeah, i hate it too , but if not , you're white Hanes will turn greyish, or dark, if you wash colors with your whites. Unless you don't mind walkin around with yellow socks taht are supposed to be... Read More »