Laterite soil is found in which states?

Answer India

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What Types of Soil are Found in the Midwestern States?

The U.S. Midwest contains 12 states and touches Pennsylvania on its eastern border, Colorado on its western border, and Canada to the north and Arkansas to the south. The Midwest provides a home fo... Read More »

Different Types of Soil Found in India?

Soil is a living system. It is the very top layer of earth and used for plant growth and as a habitat for various organisms. Different types of soil are formed depending on the plant and animal l... Read More »

How many earthworms are found in an acre of soil?

On average, one square foot of soil contains 25 earthworms. That would mean that there are around 1 million earthworms in one acre of land. Earthworms aid in soil aeration, water absorption and inc... Read More »

Types of Worms Found in Soil?

The term "worm" means different things in different contexts. Different types of worms live in soil and have various effects on the ecology of your garden. The most familiar versions are probably t... Read More »