Lately my computer has a real hard time playing music/videos?

Answer do you leave your computer running all the time, or shut it off. Just shutting down every once in awhile makes a difference, and it wipes out the RAM when you do.Try running different scans, (let ... Read More »

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My computer is giving me a hard time..?

Get a real package as in "one you pay for."

My breath has started to smell real bad lately....?

you should have it checked out, I went to the dentist when I had bad breath (I was only 18 )and it was gum disease, I had to go to a periodontist to get my gums cleaned.they also say you should bru... Read More »

Why Does My Hard Drive Run for a Long Time After I Turn on My Computer?

It is normal to notice your hard drive running for a while after you start up your computer. You may also notice that performance seems a little sluggish until this hard drive activity has stopped.

Every1 seems to be down and having a tough time lately?

Thanks. Best wishes to you too!I'm very happy at the moment, we got out tax refund today!! But, yesterday my son was diagnosed with PDD (form of autism) so I'm praying for a good year for him!