Lately i've been struggling to get out of bed especially on school days ?

Answer ~ The problem is the so common "I Don't Want To Go to School Syndrome"!! Do not worry, all students suffer from it for short or long periods!! lol

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How to Get Your Academically-Struggling High School Freshmen to Finish High School?

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How to Get Your Struggling High School Freshman to Finish High School?

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Struggling with grades...should I still apply to dental school to become a dental hygienist?

all you should do is find what you like try hard in it and if you don't get accepted don't worry you'll always find whats right for you always keep trying :D

Should I go to this trip to Italy although I'll miss 8 days of school I mean it's Italy ! And these 8 days ar?

I think it's totally worth it. You can catch up very easily,it's only 8 dayz. Look this is once in a life time! Who can say the went to Italy before 11th grade.. Not many people. I would so do it i... Read More »