Lately I've been swallowing colors of the sounds I hear?

Answer You should put them in a cedar box and lock it.....then swallow the whole box and save time.

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I have been a type1 diabetic for 6 years now and lately i haven't been taking care of myself I stopped caring?

I was where you are about 15 years ago, I felt very defeated and that I just couldn't get my numbers right so why bother? Then I read something that kicked me into gear, perhaps it will help you, ... Read More »

When can a fetus hear sounds?

Fetuses are able to hear by week 19 to 21 of pregnancy, and may respond to loud sounds. Around the same time, fetuses begin to make more movements, which mothers may be able to feel as a fluttering... Read More »

How does an electromagnet make the sounds you hear in headphones?

When does the human fetus star to hear sounds?