Late 90's eary 2000's children's shows?

Answer The show with the kids and projects sounds a lot like ZOOM.I watched it with my boys when they were younger and we always had to try a lot of their projects and recipes.

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What were the shows that were on nickelodeon around the 2000s?

Visit Nickelodeon's web-site for a list of every Nickelodeon show ever made.

What are the most popular childrens TV shows?

tom and jerry, scooby... jetsons, gumbi...Rugrats was y favourite

A late 90s childrens programme witha cat and man called carl?

What are the five most watched childrens' tv shows?

It was the end of January.It looks like we will not be having any Holiday's hoildays for a while.Mrs.Frizz was jumping in the classroom.And she said it was Aaustlia day.It was time for another file... Read More »