Late 1930s Hollywood Hairstyles?

Answer Curves and glamour ruled the day in 1930s Hollywood. Contrasting sharply to the boyish, slim and straight styles of the 1920s, the thirties favored a more feminine and shapely look in fashion and w... Read More »

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1930s Hairstyles for Men?

Men's hairstyles of the 1930s reflected societal ideals and cultural trends of the era. Grooming was an important part of maintaining the gentlemanly facade so prized during the depression era. Men... Read More »

Men's Hairstyles for the 1930s?

Fashion trends change often, including hairstyles. In the 1930's, short hair was the preferred hairstyle among men and men's hair remained short until the 1960s. Many men had mustaches that were ke... Read More »