Last nite I was on my computer,and all the words got larger?

Answer this sometimes happens to me when I'm browsing using Opera.Opera has some shortcut keys, and for whatever reason I kept hitting them and making things big.To make things small again hold down Ctrl ... Read More »

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How do you make words larger on your computer?

Find a clear space on your desktop (screen) then right click in that space select properties on the bottom of the list. Then on the window that opens click on the tab named appearance down the bott... Read More »

How do I make the words larger on my screen?

You can either use the zoom function in your browser or (in Firefox) adjust the minimum font size to 12 or higher and tell it to override the pages font settings.

Is the wireless mouse used only for laptop,or it can be used with regular computerAnd How is it's setup?

can use it on any computer with a usb port...usually a small receiver which plugs into usb and can sit behind the monitor or off in the back somewhere

Is Nite White Excel the same as Nite White ACP?

Nite White Excel's name changed to Nite White ACP when the makers of the Nite White product line added amorphous calcium phosphate to the Excel formula. Due to the formula and name change, Excel is... Read More »