Last food that you ate?

Answer Birthday cake at about 3.30pm.

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Good cheap food ideas that will last a while?

A lot of canned foods, frozen dinners, cereals and processed goods (chicken). Hopefully this helps.

Your moms last name was isom before she got married last year and your dads last name is hutcheson does that make him your real dad?

disadvantages of an extended family is as follows:(a) young siblings will tend to adopt the bad habits older siblings or drinking. (b)envy or jealousy will tend to fami... Read More »

What type of Food is a Good Starter Food that is Easy to grow in a Garden?

Lettuces and other leafy greens are good to start with. They grow easily and can be eaten as they grow, just cut off leaves as you need them. A few herbs would be useful too, like parsley, corian... Read More »

Is there an African ethnic food store in Los Angeles that sells africa food product?