LaserJet 5M printer wont work?

Answer Hi Lemmondont forget that you have to go in the printers menu and make sure that the correct port is chosen and not lpt1 which I think that the problem lies there.Let me know.

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Why wont my printer work?

Turn off the printer. Then turn it on again, then restart your computer.

My printer wont work help!?

Hi Blondey:A couple of suggestions:1. have often found that the static electricity generated by clothing causes a disruption in the transfer of electrons from the computer to the printer. I stro... Read More »

My printer wont work?

Is there any paper stuck? You should remove any stuck paper in it.try to turn it on again, if didn't work:1. well if led is on, then you should try to re-install driver & those thingies2. if led is... Read More »

Printer wont work ..Flashing lights!!?

Depends on what MAKE andMODEL the printer is.If it's an epson it can mean a "general error" or "service required" However best way to be sure is go to manufacturers website and use their "support"... Read More »