Laser Toner vs Inkjet Carts -- Any difference?

Answer Laser toner doesn't dry up after leaving them for a long time. But there is always a risk of the toner expiring... Something new huh? Each toner cartridge usually has a shelf life of about 3 yrs.La... Read More »

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What's the difference normal and 'high yield' toner carts?

Usually a "high yield" cartridge is one that has more ink or toner it in so that it last longer. As the shipping and handling usually cost more than the making, they can ship a cartridge that last... Read More »

What is difference from an inkjet and a laser printer Which is better?

Ink jet printers "spray" the ink onto the page. Quality varies greatly by machine. Laser printers act like a color copier and use toner, not ink. Laser printers generally print faster and better ... Read More »

What's the difference between inkjet and laser printers?

There's a huge difference between the two.Inkjet printers work by spraying ink onto a page. They're usually pretty cheap, but the print quality might not be all that great due to the paper used and... Read More »

What's the difference between laser printers and inkjet printers?

Unless you absolutely need photo quality, go with a laser. Lasers have sharper text and are generally faster than inkjets. While toner cartridges are more expensive than ink, they print more pages,... Read More »