Laser Operation for Removing a Dark Facial Spot?

Answer Sometimes dark brown spots appear on the face or body due to age or sun exposure. A facial freckle or age spot is often a source of self-consciousness, particularly when it is dark in pigmentation... Read More »

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I woke up with a dark spot on my face. What is it How can I get rid of it It is dark brown and smooth?

If it's bigger than a dime go to the doctor needs to be checked for melenoma

Is removing a breast tumor operation dangerous?

All surgery has risks. Removing a tumor is not dangerous.I had the whole breast removed. I did well with the mastectomy

How to Know if an Age Spot Removing Product Is Harmful?

Age spots are usually caused by overexposure to sun or liver malfunction. The latest treatment for age spots (also known as liver spots) involves use of various creams and acid gels. Which one is r... Read More »

Removing Spot-Welded Body Panels?

Project-based learning is vital to a well-balanced curriculum, as it allows students to have some control over what is being learned. Project-based learning verifies that the student can communica... Read More »