Laser Measurement Techniques?

Answer Laser measurement uses focused light to scan the dimensions of an object. Due to the optical properties of focused light, laser measurement is a precise technique and even allows for three dimensio... Read More »

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Thermal Conductivity Measurement Techniques?

Thermal conductivity is a property of a material that determines how well heat can flow through the material. Knowledge of the thermal conductivity of a given material is important when designing a... Read More »

Performance Measurement Concepts & Techniques?

Performance management is not only about employee performance reviews and getting the most out of workers. It is about reviewing the performance of the entire organization in the context of specifi... Read More »

Are optical or laser mice more likely to start skipping because of dust/hair under the light/laser?

Not really, unless you have so much hair/dust that there's no reflection at all back to the sensor underneath the mouse.Optical mouse is best for your environment. If you still have issues, go for ... Read More »

Can anyone show me where the Laser printer Brother MFC-7460DF LASER SENSOR hole is please?

It's not a hole its a slot,Take out the drum cartridge and shine a light inside the printer and look for a slot about half an inch wide and 9 inches long, it may be covered with glass. What you are... Read More »