Las Vegas Deuce Bus Information?

Answer When you plan your vacation or business trip to Las Vegas and find that you will be spending most of your time on Las Vegas Boulevard, you'll want to look to the Deuce for your transportation needs.

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What does a deuce&a half mean?

The slang term "deuce and a half" is used in reference to the 2 1/2-ton trucks used by the U.S. Army starting in the 1930s. These trucks were made my GMC, Reo Motors and Studebaker, and included th... Read More »

What does"revved up like a deuce"mean?

Originally written "Cut loose like a deuce" by songwriter Bruce Springsteen, the Manfred Mann Earth Band changed the words for their version of "Blinded by the Light." The lyrics are a reference to... Read More »

Were does deuce from shake it up get his headphones?

I heard he gets it from WeSC. Tho I'm not sure..

How to Fix the Brakes on a Deuce & a Half?

Timely brake replacement is vital for safe operation of any motor vehicle. If you begin to hear a squealing sound as you apply the brakes on your F-250, you have already waited too long, and you n... Read More »