Large lump on left tonsil and sharp pain behind eye ?

Answer Yes, someone can help you. That person is a doctor. You Brits see NHS doctors. So pick up your phone, dial up the surgery, and get an appointment.

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Why do I get this sharp pain above my left ear, or just ouside my left ear?

Since you've been experiencing this problem for some time, need to get it checked out. Only a Physician can diagnosis this problem. If it is a Dental Problem, then the Doctor will be able to tell y... Read More »

Sharp pain in the left side of my chest that lasted about 5 min, my left arm was weak, was it a heart attack?

probably not a heart attack if the pain only lasted about 5 min. Could have been a mild stroke. Going to the ER is probably not necessary NOW. Symptoms of heart attack include chest, arm, neck, ... Read More »

Sharp pain on left of chest?

No dont take tramadol. !!!! Don t !!!! Just raise your arms in the air in a manner to stretch out. And start to breath slowly. Take it easy in the first seconds because it can hurt really. Keep bre... Read More »

Stabbing pain behind left eye?

Best guess is the onset of a migraine headache, although more detail would help (feel free to add to the Discussion section of this question).Has this happened before? Does it come and go? Anything... Read More »