Large file transfer (no CD)?

Answer No. once you have loaded a program on to a hard drive, it becomes an integral part of the system. the process cannot be reversed to give you a loadable game. best you can do is save the 'save games... Read More »

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Why is the size of a jpg file stored in the memory of a digital camera very large but the same file opened in MS Paint and saved as jpg much smaller?

A jpg file stores a compressed picture. The digital cameras use a relatively weak compression in order to improve the time that it takes to process an image before saving it. Most of the compressi... Read More »

How to Transfer Art to Large Wallpaper?

There are a number of ways to go about creating wallpaper that can be used to make large wallpaper or trim. To design wallpaper you will experience the best results if you are competent at using im... Read More »

How to Transfer Large Amounts of Data?

Data transfer is very common and essential in our daily life and work. The amounts of data to be transferred can be large. The usual methods of transferring data include sharing and copying files a... Read More »

How to Transfer Large Files Without Clogging Up Email?

Passing along information from one person to another is a regular part of life as a student or a worker. Email has made life easier by making the transmission of information as simple and quick as ... Read More »