Large Molecules Containing Carbon Atoms?

Answer Carbon is a very important element, because it is the building block of life; all known life forms contain carbon to some degree. One property that sets carbon apart is its ability to bond to itsel... Read More »

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How are atoms different from molecules?

Atoms are the building blocks of matter. Each is composed of protons, electrons and neutrons, with positive, negative and no electric charges, respectively. The nucleus is a cluster of protons and ... Read More »

What Is the Comparison Between Atoms & Molecules?

Physical matter is made up of atoms and molecules. An atom is the sub-component of a molecule, or the smallest unit of matter. It is the smallest part an element can divide into. A molecule is made... Read More »

How do atoms&molecules differ?

Matter can be broken down into incrementally smaller and smaller pieces. Two of the smallest particles are atoms and molecules, and they have a very specific relationship to each other.Atoms Define... Read More »

How many atoms are in 1.56 molecules of lead?

Lead, whose abbreviation is Pb, is on the periodic table of the elements. Because it is an element, every molecule of lead contains one single lead atom. Therefore, in 1.56 molecules of lead, there... Read More »