Large Group Games for Elementary Students?

Answer Many elementary schools encourage large group activities anticipating the benefits for students will be substantial. Younger elementary school students (pre-k and first grade) learn how to share an... Read More »

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Physical Education Games for Large Number of Elementary Students?

Traditional team sports such as basketball and baseball always have a place in physical education classes, but they are sometimes inconvenient for large classes. Because they are so structured, usu... Read More »

Large Group Activities With Preschool Students?

Preschool students are inquisitive and filled with energy. Design large group activities that nurture the students' creativity and include a chance for students to develop socially. The curriculum ... Read More »

Large Group Games for Kids?

Anyone who has found herself in charge of a large group of kids probably knows that the key to keeping order is to keep everyone occupied. Playing games is a great way to keep a large group occupie... Read More »

Fun Science Games for Elementary Students?

Science games are interactive, enabling students to share their ideas with other students; hands-on, encouraging students to take an active role in science education; competitive, requiring student... Read More »