Large Black Spots on Maple Leaves?

Answer In the U.S., maple trees are found in the North Temperate Zone in a variety of sizes. Some varieties grow up to 20 feet, while others can grow as tall as 70 feet or more. Maples are deciduous trees... Read More »

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My maple tree has black spots on leaves is their a cure?

Tar spot on Maple trees is unsightly, but happens late enough in the season that it does not affect the tree itself. The very best thing to do is clean up and dispose of all the infected leaves on... Read More »

My outdoor Bonsai Maple's leaves are turning black, can someone please tell me why?

Can be too much sun or aphids eggs under the leaves.

Black Spots on Live Oak Leaves?

Live oak leaves should be flat, dark green and healthy. This allows the oak tree to photosynthesize and turn sunlight into energy for processing nutrients and moving water throughout the structure ... Read More »

Black Spots on Lilac Leaves?

Lilac bacterial blight is a bacterial disease caused by the Pseudomonas syringae pv. Syringae bacteria, and it attacks all types of lilacs, especially those that produce white flowers. This disease... Read More »