Laptops That Use 220V?

Answer Virtually all modern laptop computers (including those with internal power supplies) will handle a range of 100 to 240 volts; however, the prongs on the power supply may not fit into the outlet. Th... Read More »

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Can a 220V 50Hz halogen lamp be used in 220V 60Hz circuit?

I think they cant because I made aDC t AC inverter with a frequency of 60Hz but whenever I powered up my appliances all other gadgets worked fine apart from the halogen bulbs which blew all the time.

What are the consequences of running 220V-60Hz-Korean home appliances such as vacuum cleaner-toaster-coffee maker-lamps and fans on a 220V-50Hz supply in India?

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PC Laptops That Are CS3 or 4 Compatible?

Adobe Creative Suites 3 and 4 are collections of design and web publishing programs including Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. Each of these programs has different system requirements. To en... Read More »

Why are laptops called laptops if you're not actually suppose to sit them on your lap?

Well, when they were initially released they were supposed to, but then a few laptops exploded and.. putting it nicely.. people were hurt where it hurts the most.. and sued the laptop companies.. t... Read More »