Laptop to tv as monitor (help asap)?

Answer That will never work.Those VGA-to-RCA adapters are meant for video cards that have a specially-built VGA port capable of sending out a TV signal. It will NOT work with just any VGA port, especiall... Read More »

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3 monitors at once (a laptop monitor, a VGA monitor, and an HDMI monitor)?

Only two outputs at one time are allowed on most laptops. That would be the normal laptop screen and ONE of the two output ports. Rarely could you have two external monitors and no normal screen.... Read More »

My desktop monitor is not working.can i use my laptop's screen as my desktop monitor my laptop has vga port.?

No it is not possible. The VGA port on your laptop is there to use a seperate viewing screen with your laptop not to use the screen on the laptop with a seperate computer. Because if did not notice... Read More »

How to Use an External Monitor for a Broken Inspiron 1501 Laptop Monitor?

Many people believe they can no longer use their laptops if the main display breaks, but a broken LCD doesn't render the entire system useless. You can connect an external monitor to your Dell Insp... Read More »

Laptop Question...Please Help ASAP?

The wireless chip inside your laptop allows it to pick up signals from the air that the wireless router transmits. The wireless router just takes wired signals and makes them wireless. In order t... Read More »