Laptop time changing itself Virus?

Answer It maybe that something has gone wrong with the Time and Date stamp Battery. But it can never result in the 2078 stuff. There must be a virus.Use Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Pure antiv... Read More »

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My laptop is hit hard by a trojan virus my norton anti virus 2006 has expired so cannot clean it,need help?

You can download:1) iolo antivirus ( )2) Avast ( )3) AVG ( )

Our computer keeps getting a virus from time to time. My husband says its caused by my Sims 2 game.?

I don't think it's from your Sims 2 game. The only way it could be is if you downloaded custom content of for your game. Although the virus couldn't have come from the game itself, it def... Read More »

Why does the time keep changing on your iphone?

Well, if you mean like from 1:50 to 1:51, then that's because time changes in life. If you mean time changing drastically like an hour in a minute, then that may be because when the phone isn't co... Read More »

The time and date on my computer keeps changing?

Here are a couple of forums where someone has asked the same question, maybe one of the answers will help you...…â€... Read More »