Laptop time changing itself Virus?

Answer It maybe that something has gone wrong with the Time and Date stamp Battery. But it can never result in the 2078 stuff. There must be a virus.Use Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Pure antiv... Read More »

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The colour on my computer keeps changing by itself. How do I fix this?

is it a rainbow type effect or just different colours.If it is different colours try updating or reinstalling the graphic driver.If it is the rainbow then there is a problem inside the monitor that... Read More »

My theme and screen saver keeps changing by itself ?

This most likely means you have multiple backgrounds selected under "Personalize" (assuming you're using Windows). Look into it and make sure you only have one background selected.If this doesn't w... Read More »

My laptop is hit hard by a trojan virus my norton anti virus 2006 has expired so cannot clean it,need help?

You can download:1) iolo antivirus ( )2) Avast ( )3) AVG ( )

Why does my laptop go on "standby" by itself?

You probably have dust or something else in the place where the switch is when the cover gets closed. It is putting pressure on the switch, and so the laptop thinks you have closed the cover, and ... Read More »