Laptop shutting down when it gets hot?

Answer ok I'm not so sure how competent you are with more advanced computing but if you know how go into bios and you can change the settings of your fans and cooling. if you don't know how to do this jus... Read More »

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Why does my laptop keep shutting off?

Without warning, laptops can shut down for a number of reasons. An inoperable or insufficient cooling fan is among the leading causes of unexpected shutdown. Other factors might include battery fai... Read More »

My laptop keeps shutting its self off ,can someone help me?

I called on Fordman to see if he can help you out. He is a smart man. Helped me with my computer. I'll never forget him for that. A friend in need is a friend indeed. I have missed you. I bet your ... Read More »

Causes of a Laptop Shutting Down?

You're working right along on your laptop and all of a sudden the screen goes dark and the fan whirs to a stop. You are left wondering what just happened. Laptop computers may occasionally shut dow... Read More »

Toshiba laptop keeps shutting off?

I think it's the battery. Batteries have a warranty for a year. When the year is up, the battery gets flaky from times to times. Happened to me. I only have 6 mins on it now without plug in.You may... Read More »