Laptop shutting down when it gets hot?

Answer ok I'm not so sure how competent you are with more advanced computing but if you know how go into bios and you can change the settings of your fans and cooling. if you don't know how to do this jus... Read More »

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Nikon SB 800 flash shutting down when I use Quantum battery or if I pump up the power It will just stop working after about 100 flashes. it works without shutting down when I just use the 4 batteries?

Why does my laptop shut down by itself when it gets too hot?

Well, it shuts off because it's overheating which can damage internal components. It's a kind of failsafe, to prevent your laptop from self-destructing.Since your laptop is 2 years old, it's likely... Read More »

Causes of a Laptop Shutting Down?

You're working right along on your laptop and all of a sudden the screen goes dark and the fan whirs to a stop. You are left wondering what just happened. Laptop computers may occasionally shut dow... Read More »

Will this laptop run minecraft smoothly on higher settings without shutting down or lagging or overheating?

Minimum System RequirementsProcessor: Intel / AMD compatible at 2500 MHz or higher RAM: 1 GB or higher Sound: Windows compatible sound card Display: 32-bit color depth CD recorder: for importing fr... Read More »