Laptop screen bottom edge gets hot.?

Answer As long as it's not *HOT*, I would not worry. Just the standard concept of electronics giving off heat. Some times certain areas will be *quite* warm. As long as it's not so hot that you don't r... Read More »

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When I print a webpage it gets chopped off on the right edge.?

It's totally lame, they never really thought of a default for this. Set your page to landscape, and you will get the whole page. But it will take more pages to print then. Or you can download the i... Read More »

How do i get my laptop screen to show on my laptop&a remote screen?

It's possible and extremely useful to split your laptop computer's visual power between the main screen and a remote screen you've set up somewhere else. You can shop online on one screen while kee... Read More »

I have a 6 month old JVC 56FN97 that has developed a dark spot across the bottom of the screen that seems as though the screen is delaminated or something can it be fixed?

AnswerFigured it out... this may help you, doing it from memory so I may have the number of screws off a bit, but the rest is correct...It was windex (thanks to my kids). Here's how to fix it (on a... Read More »

When I try and watch a video full screen on my laptop I get a blank screen but i can hear it. How can I see it?

right click in the video and there will be a box that is ticked, untick it and then try it again.