Laptop screen as xbox monitor?

Answer You cant, you can view your laptop screen on your tv with a hdmi cable, but not the other way around. You can buy very cheap and reasonable sized tv's anywhere so it might be worth investing in a n... Read More »

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Can i work my laptop off a desktop monitor my laptop screen is smashed?

yes! i had actually done this for my girlfriend after she knelt on her laptop (note: dont kneel on your laptop)simply take the monitor cable (only other cable from monitor besides power chord) and... Read More »

Can you use a laptop as an Xbox monitor?

You can use a laptop as an Xbox 360 monitor as long as it comes with a VGA port, which most do, according to Team Xbox. Additionally, the Xbox VGA cable comes with audio cables.Source:Team Xbox: Xb... Read More »

How to Play XBox 360 on a Laptop Monitor?

XBox 360s really are a form of function. They can do so many things and can also be plugged into computers and run through those! Incredible!

How to Use a Laptop Monitor to Play Xbox?

There are multiple reasons to use a laptop screen as a viewing device for the Microsoft Xbox gaming system. You can connect an Xbox to the laptop through several methods. The choice you use will de... Read More »