Laptop scholarships out there?

Answer yeah, over apply for anything you qualify for. when all schooling is paid, books paid for, you get the balance, thus what you need; a laptop.its used for schooling...----------try to aim for grants... Read More »

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Does SCI offer free laptop computers with scholarships?

Springfield College of Illinois (now known as Benedictine University at Springfield) does not offer free laptop computers as a portion of any scholarship offered by the state or by the school. Coca... Read More »

What are some good websites for scholarships other then and

Why are there black scholarships, but no white scholarships?

Scholarships can use whatever criteria they want: ethnicity, gender, age, intended major, artistic talents, etc. There is even a scholarship for tall people and another one for those with red hair.... Read More »

I sold a laptop on eBay - and the "buyer" refuses to send payment until he recieves the laptop - - - ?

Definitely do not send the laptop before you get paid, thats how people get scammed. Tell him that either he pays you and as soon as you receive payment you will send it, or the purchase will be vo... Read More »