Laptop not working! Please help!?

Answer From your description, it appears that the battery is dead and your charger doesn't work. You can try to find someone with the same model as you & swap batteries and/or chargers until you can det... Read More »

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Should I buy a new laptop if my old laptop is still working in order?

If your current laptop does everything you want it to... no, I wouldn't upgrade. Why spend all that money?You heard right about laptop graphics cards (no matter what someone else in this thread to... Read More »

Rt click and Left click in my laptop is not working. Mouse pointer is working well. How to click?

1.check mouse setting in control panel2.check with alternative mouse

My touchpad in my laptop is not working! How can I fix it?

If you have a DELL, then call DELL, it's BROKE. You might have accidently turned off the touchpad software or driver. Use the RESTORE section of SYSTEM TOOLS in the ACCESSORIES folder of your Pr... Read More »

My laptop fan isn't working correctly, is there a way to fix it myself?

There are a few things that can be done to prevent the system from overheating. The first thing to try is using a can of compressed air to clean out the vents on the back and the bottom of the comp... Read More »