Laptop has nowhere to put in disks is there anything I can buy?

Answer Buy an external USB optical (CD / DVD) drive, they usually cost between $35 - $80 and can be found online, or at your local electronics or department store.

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How to Make Acer Laptop System Disks?

A system disk can restore the operating system to its factory default state. If your Acer laptop did not come with recovery CDs, it's important to create your own system disks so that you can recov... Read More »

What are blu-ray disks?

Basically they're high definition DVDs that play exclusively on Blu-Ray players. Here's some additional info...H a p p yH o m eT h e a t e r i n g !* * * * Please support any good answers you read... Read More »

How to Use DVD RW Disks?

Due to compatibility issues with DVD-RW disks and DVD players, DVD-RW disks are most commonly used for data storage. Because of their rewritable capacity, DVD-RW disks are great for storing data an... Read More »

Floppy disks or Cds.?

Floppies fit in your pocket, normal CDs don't. Floppies have limited capacity - 1.44 meg, CD's are 700 MB, DVDs are 4.8 GB. Floppies can go bad suddenly, right out of the box, or the next time you ... Read More »