Laptop freezes when I press start icon whats wrong?

Answer restart your laptop

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My pipe freezes when i turn my ac on an it will not blow cool air whats wrong?

Most common things to check.1. Low on refrigerant2. Lack of airflow across the inside evaporator coil, either very dirty filter or dirty coil3. Inside fan motor is out4. Condenser Unit "Outside uni... Read More »

My 750 xs yamaha wont start whats wrong pls help ty?

My bike never starts in the spring when I get it out unless I drain the carbs first. Although the fuel in the tank may still be good, the small amount of fuel in the carb bowls seems to deteriorate... Read More »

My laptop freezes every minute or so, what should I do?

The most likely cause is a bloated registry which has become the home for all kinds of useless bits and pieces of data. Whenever any change is made to the system settings or a program is installed... Read More »

Laptop freezes when starting up?

You could borrow another computer/laptop that runs Windows 7 from any of your friends. Create a repair disc using the feature in Control Panel. After that, load the disc in your laptop and search f... Read More »