Laptop and wireless printer?

Answer You can either get a "USB to ethernet print server adapter" or "USB to wireless print server adapter" to convert the printer to either a wired ethernet network device to plug into your router or ma... Read More »

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How do I connect sony wireless laptop to hp printer using wireless technology?

Like the first guy said, your printer needs to be wireless, unless your router has the capability to add printers to the network, most will have a small picture on the back of the box the cam from ... Read More »

Wireless printer wont print (laptop says printer offline)?

Try uninstalling the printer driver software & then reinstalling it.I've got an HP wireless printer that does the same thing on occasion.

Connecting a wireless laptop to a non-wireless printer...without using a cable?

Yes it is possible.You need to set up your own home network. Go to control panel and then ' wireless setup'. Should be able to follow the steps and then connect your laptop to your desktop. Note th... Read More »

Wireless printer, help! Adding Samsung printer on laptop?