Laptop Help! I have a few questions?

Answer my laptop, mouse, ect seem to freeze at times, i think when that happens it need to cleaned up, ect, also a cold reboot, and dont forget laptops get very hot and when that happens ist slows everyth... Read More »

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Can anyone help with tv tuner (Dell) and laptop connection does laptop have to stay on alltime to record?

The computer needs to be on all the time to record TV programs you can burn them onto a DVD I use Nero 7.0 to do that. Hope this helps

I Think I Will Have my Period Soon... PLEASE HELP!!! I Have many Questions?

Talk to your friends or Mom or older sister or a girl that is close to you about it and not complete strangers.Happy New Years.

Need some help with an Entity Relation Diagram. I have most of it done but have 2 questions about it.?

How do you ensure, in your diagram, that there is exactly one and only one employee assigned to manage an office? Normally, it's not a good idea to encode a control field (your 'd' item under EMPLO... Read More »

I have a few questions about the 3D TV please help me out?

Actually 3d tvs will be around from now on. One they are not that much more expensive, and they are coming down in price. Also it is actually a 2d tv with a 3d feature, so in five years all tv's ... Read More »