Laptop DVD drive doesn't read DVD's.....?

Answer Two seperate lenses so It's quite probably a dirty laser lens. Buy a lens cleaner disc from any good music or computer store and follow the insructions. If this fails the drive may be dead. You ca... Read More »

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How to Copy Dvds to Hard Drive or Burn Dvds to Blank Discs?

Most DVD funs should have a large number of DVDs, there is a problem that how to protected these DVDs from damage, scratch, the best way is to make backup copies for them. But most DVDs have copy p... Read More »

My laptop is slow!!!!!! i want to wipe my xp computer's hard drive and reinstall xp. howdoidoit(read details)?

I just saw another question like this earlier tonight and it was recommended to google up "slow computer" and I found a link that really helped me a lot!!!!! I just ran thru the services files in w... Read More »


If all connections are secure and you've run a lens cleaning disc and it's still not working, then the laser has probably failed and the drive needs replacing. Burners have a limited lifespan, the... Read More »

How to Burn DVDs From One Drive to Another Drive?

Transferring the information contained on a DVD to another DVD-burner on your computer can enable you to create a backup DVD of your important files, keeping you protected against loss. This is pos... Read More »