Lapidary Hand Tools?

Answer Those who practice the art of lapidary have several machines at their disposal to cut, polish and mount gemstones. Large circular diamond saws slice flat slabs off of hunks of agate or quarts. The... Read More »

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How to Use Logging Hand Tools?

If you have a small piece of forested land you wish to maintain or keep thinned, a cabin project you are working on with friends, or a portable sawmill operation, you will make liberal use of stron... Read More »

Motorcycle Hand Tools?

Motorcycle hand tools aid the motorvehicle mechanic or owner in repairing and maintaining the functional status of the motorcycle. Motorcycles, although considered one of the most dangerous vehicle... Read More »

Hand Tools for Metal?

Trying to work metal with the wrong tools is aggravating and time consuming. You need tools specifically made for the job at hand. There's a wide variety of hand tools made for working on metal. Un... Read More »

How to Use Sewing Hand Tools?

A wide variety of sewing tools and notions are available to assist the person who is sewing by hand. They range from specialty items to common items that every sewing kit should have. Most people w... Read More »